Blue Water Sailing

The Lake Erie Interclub Cruise is a well-known international yachting event, raced by boats from the United States and Canada.  The series provides five days of fun and exciting sailboat racing and cruising, as yachts race from port-to-port.
The Lake Erie Interclub Cruise was created in 1957 to provide a challenging series of Lake Erie port-to-port races for cruising and racing auxiliary sailboats, and to allow sufficient opportunity for the membership of participating clubs to have fellowship while enjoying the best tradition of competitive yacht racing.

The Doldrums

The regatta provides ample time to experience the hospitalities of the participating clubs, as well as to discover the wonders of each port.

Welcome to the 62nd annual Lake Erie Interclub Cruise.   Please explore the website for the latest event information.   Notice of Race, Event Registration, etc can all be found on the Event Page.  Please register early and thoroughly enjoy the blue water sailing and the Interclub Cruise festivities around the Eastern end of Lake Erie. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Any Of Our Committee Team Members.

David McBrier

Digital Event Communications, Lake Erie Interclub Cruise

Cancelled /// 2020 Event Dates

Registration, Skippers Meeting and Event Kickoff Party is Friday June 26th
1Erie to Port DoverJune 27, Sat
2Long Point Bay CourseJune 28, Sun
3Port Dover to Port ColborneJune 29, Mon
4Port Colborne to Point AbinoJune 30, Tue
5Point Abino Course RaceJuly 1st, Wed


This is by far the best Regatta I go to every year and the one with the most lasting friendships….and that is why it is so successful.

Ted Johnson - Damn Yankee

Recipient of the Jim Rhodes Award

Participating Yacht Clubs

Buffalo Canoe Club
Buffalo Yacht Club
Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club
Dunkirk Yacht Club
Erie Yacht Club
Port Dover Yacht Club
Sugarloaf Sailing Club

I started sailing on the Enigma when I was 15 years old – a mere 68 years ago. Oh what a pleasure it was to be with Uncle Ken, Chuck Schauble, Pattie Padden, George Loesel, Pan Pininski, Homer Coleman, Bob Fry, Rich Loesel, Lou Klahr and so many wonderful sailors that make up the Enigma/Eckerd alumni.

Brub Mehl


My first Interclub was in 1968 aboard Doug James’ sloop, Blitzen, an Alberg 35. It was very kind of Mr. James to invite me to join his crew with my Dad. At 11 years old, yacht racing to Canada was the chance of a lifetime. It was also exciting to spend some time with my father, Atty. John Wolford, since he was always working. Even on Saturdays, his routine was to drop off his laundry bag full of soiled shirts at Frank’s Cleaners on his way to the office downtown, take in a little exercise after lunch at the downtown “Y,” and do the grocery shopping at Brown Bros. on the way home. This Saturday was going to be different. We would be on the starting line of the Erie to Dover race at 0530.

Chris Wolford

My First Interclub

If memory serves me right, I think that 1963 was my first year aboard ENIGMA. This was a result of a brief conversation with my Dad that went something like this; “They’re looking for a kid to crew on the ENIGMA, you might learn something, would you be interested?” “Yes”, answered the kid, after approximately two and a half seconds of contemplation and a near miss coronary event. True, anyone that had attended Jr. Sailing dreamed of crewing on ENIGMA, but to get a chance?……… And so it began.

Doug Nagle III

Interclub Story

“What a wonderful racing event!!! Cheers to all that helped put this together. The true spirit of TEAMWORK, both on and off the water!”

Lysa Brewster

2019 Interclub

Do you remember the crew of the J/44 Mary Lou signing “Oh where oh where has my spinnaker gone….Oh where or where can it be?” after dropping the brand new sail overboard in the Long Point Bay race? Do you remember the Interclub stopping at Port Maitland?

John Vallee

Do You Remember?