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2022 Photo Contest

Race Committee Submitted

Photo Contest Submitted

Race Committee

Thank you Joel Rait for taking the following photos from the the race committee (RC) during the start sequences, finishes and while moving along the course to the next destination with the Interclub Fleets.


Photo Contest Rules


1. Upload your digital photos

2. Five photos per person may be submitted for the judging

3. Photos must be taken during the current Interclub Cruise and related activities

4. All entries must be submitted by October 31st of the current event year.

5. Photos submitted will not be returned to sender and will become the property of the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise and may be used for marketing purposes.

6. The judges decisions will be final

7. Awards to be acknowledged at the following Interclub Cruise event.

8. Winners will be notified by Phone, email or postal mail after the contest.

9. Prizes
1st Place, $100
2nd Place, $50
3rd Place, $25

    For more information
    Tom Lewin


    Photo Contest

    The following photo’s were take during the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise during the 5 days of racing as part of the Photo Contest.

    Misc Media

    2022 Event Photos by Merrily Kuhn
    2021 Event Photos by Merrily Kuhn
    Photo’s Gary Fritt
    Port Dover River John Besick
    Saturday Erie Channel | Rick Barner
    Photo’s | Judith Emling
    Dreamer on YouTube | David McBrier
    Channel Video (Part 1) | Rick Barner
    Channel Video (Part 2) | Rick Barner
    Channel Video (Part 3) | Rick Barner
    Photo’s | Fried Elliott

    *Gary Fritt’s Photo’s – Day 1, 2015.  The Erie Bay Race (Windy) Racing was moved from the Lake to the Erie bay to accommodate for the expected high winds later in the afternoon.