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Lake Erie Interclub Cruise Results
  • Interclub Cruise Trophy
  • Founders Trophy
  • Four Ladies Trophy
  • Jim Rhoads Award
  • Chad Klahr Memorial Trohpy
The following race results were achieved by some of the finest sailors in the history of the world.  The winning team’s accomplishment of harnessing the wind and surf the seas enabled them to achieve victory.
The Lake Erie Interclub Cruise is one of the few events in the world that provides international country-to-country and port-to-port distance racing and cruising for its 70 to 100 participating yachts. The Lake Erie Interclub Cruise committee is confident that this event has touched the lives of 10,000 plus skippers, crews, families and social participants over the past 50 years.  The Lake Erie Interclub Cruise is truly a world class event

 interclub_trophy The “Interclub Trophy”

The “Interclub Trophy” was donated by the Buffalo-Courier Express and is presented to the best overall yacht in the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise.

1958 Devshir, Merle Crowell, EYC
1959 Secret, James Daniels, BYC
1960 Temptress, Baldwin Smith, YYC
1961 Melmar II, Frank Zurn, EYC
1962 Interlude, Fred Obersheimer, BYC
1963 Mac-Dab, Walker/James, EYC
1964 Kahili, Frank Zurn, EYC
1965 Masker, Rober Way, EYC
1966 Croos-Rip, Herbert Hanson, SYC
1967 Interlude, Fred Obersheimer, BYC
1968 Girl, Robert Graf, BYC
1969 Thermis X, Adams/Smithers, BYC
1970 Sioux Warrior, Fred Obersheimer, BYC
1971 Banshee, Richard Gorny, EYC
1972 Banshee, Richard Gorny, EYC
1973 Aquilo, Allen Bernel, BYC
1974 Aquilo, Allen Bernel, BYC
1975 IOR, Banshee, Richard Gorny, EYC
1975 USYRU, Thermis X, Adams/Smithers, BYC
1976 IOR, Spirit of ’76, Norm Manson, BYC
1976 USYRU, Bear, Robert Graf, BYC
1977 Spirit of ’76, Norm Manson, BYC
1978 Niagra, Ted Bisany, BYC
1979 Red Pepper, Bob Reese, YYC
1980 Red Pepper, Jack Mathias, BYC
1981 Pamdemonium, Carl Hensler, BYC
1982 Spirit, Norman Manson, BYC
1983 Eagle, Ed Kolkmann, Olcott YC
1984 Winsome, Jim Blackhurst, BYC
1985 Sabotage, Jim McGee, PDYC
1986 Masquerade, Paul Neureuter, BYC
1987 Egstasea, Rick Egloff, BCC
1988 Constance, John Wolford, EYC
1989 Falcon’s Nest, Bill Gasse, PDYC
1990 Andicapp, Chris Wolford, EYC
1991 Shaibu II, Hadley Jackson, PDYC
1992 Squeeze Play, Bob Gradwell, BHSC
1993 Windlassie, Bill Huffman, CYC
1994 Eyerly, Ira John Dunn, EYC
1995 Shaibu II, Hadley Jackson, PDYC
1996 Shaibu II, Hadley Jackson, PDYC
1997 Kewero, Bob Gradwell, BHSC
1998 Graffiti, Pat Huntley, EYC
1999 Graffiti, Pat Huntley, EYC
2000 Powderhound, Ron Hamilton, EYC
2001 Quixotic, Doug Oak, BCC
2002 Graffiti, Pat Huntley, EYC
2003 Graffiti, Pat Huntley, EYC
2004 Down Time, Russ Thompson, EYC
2005 Damn Yankee, Ted Johnson, BHSC
2006 Damn Yankee, Ted Johnson, BHSC
2007 Powderhound, Ron Hamilton, EYC
2008 Bear, Bill Graf, BHSC/BYC
2009 Graffiti, Pat Huntley, EYC
2010 Ritual, John Vallee, PDYC
2011 Graffiti, Pat Huntley, EYC
2012 Sledge Hammer, Tom Lewin, BHSC/BYC
2013 Nyanza, Jim McBrier, EYC
2014 Sledge Hammer, Tom Lewin, BHSC/BYC
2015 Ritual, John Vallee, PDYC
2016 Sledge Hammer, Tom Lewin, BHSC/BYC
2017 Graffiti, Pat Huntley, EYC
2018 Sledge Hammer, Tom Lewin, BHSC/BYC2
2019 Voodoo, Frank Jarecki, EYC


Founders TropyThe “Founders Trophy”

The “Founders Trophy” for Best in Cruising Fleet was created on the 40th Anniversary of the Cruise to salute those individuals with the foresight and Corinthian spirit to assemble the fleet. Merle Crowell, EYC James Daniels, BYC Karl Smithers, BCC

1997 Nice Tri, Chad Klahr, EYC
1998 Summer Storm, Jim Frederick, PIBY
1999 Summer Storm, Jim Frederick PIBY
2000 Manana, Dave Block BHSC
2001 Blue Knight, Larry West LPBSC
2002 Taco the Town, David Blake, EYC
2003 Manana, David Block, BHSC
2004 Walzzing Matilda, Michael Kouach, BYC (Monohull)
2004 Big Storm, Jim Frederick, PIBYC (Multihull)
2005 Big Storm, Jim Frederick, PIBYC (Multihull)
2006 Beach Bouy, David Blake, EYC (Monohull)
2007 Sapphire, Brown Cameron, BYC/BCC (Monohull)
2008 Rakish, Matthew Niemic, EYC
2009 Beach Bouy, David Blake, EYC (Monohull)
2010 Dave Blake. Blake Erie, EYC
2011 Not Awarded
2012 Not Awarded
2013 Horizon, Vermilion
2014 Deliquescent, Frank Jarecki, EYC
2015 Between The Sheets, PDYC
2016 Cyndi-Lu, PYC
2017 Tomato, Jon Tushak EYC
2018 Longbow, John Butt  Sugarloaf Harbor Marina

four_ladies_trophyThe “Four Ladies Trophy”

The “Four Ladies Trophy” shall be presented each year to the club accumulating the lowest point score in the overall standings of the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise. The trophy is awarded recognizing the service of our race committee and it’s past members Annette Rhoads, Kae Macris, Natalie Economou, and Eileen Meyers.

1997 Erie Yacht Club
1998 Erie Yacht Club
1999 Erie Yacht Club
2000 Erie Yacht Club
2001 Erie Yacht Club
2002 Erie Yacht Club
2003 Erie Yacht Club
2004 Erie Yacht Club
2005 Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club
2006 Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club
2007 Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club
2008 Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club
2009 Erie Yacht Club
2010 Erie Yacht Club
2011 Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club / Buffalo Yacht Club
2012 Erie Yacht Club
2013 Erie Yacht Club
2014 Erie Yacht Club
2015 Erie Yacht Club
2016 Erie Yacht Club
2017 Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club / Buffalo Yacht Club
2018 Erie Yacht Club
2019 Erie Yacht Club

Jim Rhodes Trophy“Jim Rhoads Lake Erie Interclub Award”

The “Jim Rhoads Lake Erie Interclub Award” The “C” shall be presented from time to time to that participant in the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise who most exemplifies the personage that, through his dedication to the sport of sailing, encourages and develops the Corinthian spirit of yachting. Selection of the recipient shall be solely at the discretion of a panel composed of the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Race Committee.

1989 Philip S. Savage, BCC
1990 James P. McBrier, EYC
1991 Hadley Jackson, PDYC
1992 Jim Whistler, BYC
1993 Dave Johnson, BYC
1994 Bill Johnson, BHSC
1995 J. Boyd Bert, Jr., EYC
1996 Not Awarded
1997 Robert Graf, BYC
1998 Not Awarded
1999 Raymond Massey, BHSC
2000 Christian Wolford, EYC
2001 Tom Tepas, BYC
2002 Chuck Chilcott, BHSC
2003 Not Awarded
2004 I. John Dunn, EYC
2005 Tom Lewin, BHSC
2006 John Vallee, PDYC
2007 Peter Rayburn, EYC
2007 Bob Adams, BYC
2008 Bob Ihrig, BHSC
2009 Ted Johnson, BHSC
2010 David Amatangelo, EYC
2011 Dan Ward, BYC
2012 David Haller, EYC
2013 Peter “Lewis” Johnson, BYC
2014 Jamie Taylor, EYC
2015 Diane Mitra, EYC
2016 Charles Obersheimer, BYC
2017 Mark Boerkamp, PDYC
2019 David McBrier, EYC

“Chad Klahr Memorial Trophy”

2010 Dave Blake. Blake Erie, EYC
2014 Bill & Lydia Gray, Felicity, PCC