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It is with great pleasure that we invite you in 2014 to the 57th Lake Erie Interclub Cruise. Preparations are in full swing to make this one a great experience again.

June 27, Friday
Race 1
June 28, Saturday
Erie to Port Dover and Rally
Race 2
June 29, Sunday
Long Point Bay Course and Rally
Race 3
June 30, Monday
Port Dover to Port Colborne and Rally
Race 4
July 1, Tuesday
Port Colborne to Point Abino
Race 5 
July 2, Wednesday
Port Abino Course Race

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  2014 Event Documents

ArrowNotice of Race (PDF)

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  ArrowEvent Registration (PDF)
  Canadian Border Crossing and Customs Forms

Below is the form from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) that skippers need complete and fax into the office in advance of the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise.  Again, this helps to expedite the entry into Canada.

Fax completed forms NO LATER THAN 48 hours prior to departure to 519-336-5742
Fax - Attention: Sarnia District Enforcement Team

* The completed form needs to be faxed to their office no later than 48 hours in advance of travel. They kindly ask that you do not modify the form in anyway. The following file formats are available:


* Not required for the 2014 event as we do not cross into USA during event.

Below is the form from the US Customs and Boarder Patrol that skippers need complete in advance of the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise.  Again, this helps to expedite the entry into United States. Please fax completed forms to 814-838-7743 Attn: Shirley Nelligan by Monday 6/17/2013. Once received the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise will mail all of the received forms together in a pack to the US Customs and Boarder Patrol. If you do not get them to our registration team prior to that date, the Lake Erie Interclub Cruise will submit the form on the day of arrival which significantly slows the process. Getting the form in early allows the US the need time to vet the information.

  Event Resources

ArrowDivisions (Racing Division and Rally Division for Crusiers)

  arrowISAF World Sailing Category 4 Offshore Special Regulations (ISAF Website Link)
  arrowWhat is the Rally Class and How does it work? (PDF)
  arrowRally Class Score Sheet Example (Excel)

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  ArrowRegatta Crew Board (Blog)

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